San Diego VeloYouth (SDVY) offers at-risk and disadvantaged teens 18 hours of coaching in cycling at the track in Balboa Park's San Diego Velodrome. The athletes give back (through community service), become mentors to their peers, and "pay it forward" as steps towards earning their own bike.

Coaching, on and off the bike, focuses on the motto "STARS Create Possibilities" with emphasis on Self-Respect, Teamwork, Achievement, Responsibility, and Success. SDVY promotes personal development, social connections, healthy competition, and education. At the completion of the program, our athletes will have set and achieved goals, increased self-confidence, made new friends, and learned teamwork.

Our Partners

SDVY partners with schools where at least 75% of the student population participates in the free or reduced-price lunch program.

  • Will C. Crawford High School
  • Monarch School the for the Homeless (7+ years)
  • Chula Vista Middle School (7+ years)
  • Hoover High School
  • Juvenile Court & Community Schools
  • National City Middle School
  • Aseltine School
  • Castle Park Middle School
  • Migrant Education Program, San Diego County Office of Education


Since 2006, SDVY has:

  • Touched the lives of nearly 1,000 youth
  • Provided a means of increased physical exercise, fun and transportation, with nearly 500 athletes earning bikes
  • Given back to the community through over 2,000 hours of community service

SDVY is proud to report:

  • Over 83% of graduates improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Athletes have ridden more than 800,000 miles
  • Increased regular physical activity by 68%
  • Over 87% improve exercise and healthy eating

More than just a cycling program, VeloYouth allows kids to experience new ways of thinking and being. They tap into inner strength, conquer barriers, and find a path out of the confines of poverty and risky behaviors.

The kids of SD VeloYouth say:

It’s about trying your best and giving it all you can.
I felt pumped… and lost a few pounds!
It kept me out of trouble… and it helped my attitude.
[SDVY] helped… with my self-esteem and confidence.

Need A Waiver?

Need a waiver to ride at the track with the SDVY Program?