San Diego VeloYouth kids:

  • Attend schools where 75% of the student population participates in the free or reduced-price lunch program
  • Live in neighborhoods with high gang activity
  • Struggle with emotional and/or developmental disabilities
  • May be homeless

But what the all share are huge hearts and a desire to move beyond their circumstances.

Enjoy these uplifting and inspiring quotes from youth who have attended and completed a SDVY program:

“I’m surprised at how may things we think we can’t do, but is actually possible” - Billy

“We learned how to work as a team and ride together” - Jaime

“I learned how to work as a team and be a supportive teammate” - Leslie

“The new experience I had today was being cheered for; it never occurred to me that people will ever cheer for me” - Shianne

“I enjoyed people cheering for for each other” - Brianna

“…I was not feeling well but still tried my best.  I am glad that I tried my best because even if I got a little sick, I still had extreme fun with all my classmates” - Keila

“I enjoyed the privilege to be cycling” - Jerry

“I learned to cooperate with my team by suing communication” - Irving

“I was surprised at how well we worked as a team” - Sebastian